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Learn Accounting

Course Outline

With strong accounting skills, you’ll be an essential part of any business. Your courses in this accounting training program will take you step by step through the accounting cycle, keeping books, taxes and business principles. You can learn accounting online.  Each subject prepares you for your Accounting career.
Accounting Training

Here are the courses you’ll take to earn your Associate Degree in Accounting:

Semester 1 Courses Credit Hours
GE101 Success Strategies 1
BS100 Business Fundamentals 3
PY110 Workplace Psychology 3
MH101 Applied Business Math 3
CS101 or CS102 Computer Applications 3
AC101 Introduction to Accounting I 3
Total: 16
Semester 2 Courses Credit Hours
BS120 Introduction to Management 3
EN110 Business Communications 3
BS150 Human Resources Management 3
BS160 Marketing Principles 3
AC201 Introduction to Accounting II 3
Total: 15
Semester 3 Courses Credit Hours
BS140 The Economics of Business 4
BS200 Business Law and Ethics 3
AC210 Managerial Accounting 3
AC220 Computerized Accounting 3
AC240 Finance 3
Total: 16
Semester 4 Courses Credit Hours
GE200 Career Development Strategies 2
BS240 Entrepreneurship 3
AC260 Payroll Processing 3
AC280 Tax Preparation 4
AC299 Accounting Practicum 2
Total: 14
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Accreditations and Affiliations

List of affiliates DEAC CHEA BBB MyCAA NCCT NHA NCSF Housing Inspection Foundation