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Basic Computer Training Online ' Computer Essentials

Course Outline

Learn everything you need to know to use a computer like a pro with this basic computer training online. U.S. Career Institute prepares you to do word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, multimedia and even Web pages. You get everything you need to know in easy-to-understand lessons that take you step by step from the basics through advanced capabilities. Here's an overview of all of the custom learning materials and bonus items you'll receive in your course.

Unit 1


  1. Welcome to the World of Computers
  2. The Nuts and Bolts: Computer Hardware
  3. The Tools: Computer Software
  4. Microsoft' Operating System: Computer Connections
  5. Navigating in Microsoft' Windows Vista: Basic Operations

Unit 2


  1. Create Documents in Microsoft' Word: Part I
  2. Create Documents in Microsoft' Word: Part II
  3. Desktop Publish in Microsoft' Word: Part I
  4. Desktop Publish in Microsoft' Word: Part II
  5. Microsoft' Excel Basics

Unit 3


  1. Work with Data in Excel'
  2. Microsoft' PowerPoint: The Anatomy of a Presentation
  3. Put Microsoft' PowerPoint to Work

Unit 4


  1. The Internet and the World Wide Web
  2. Research Using the Internet and the World Wide Web
  3. Security in the Information Age
  4. Email Etiquette

Unit 5


  1. Organize with Microsoft' Outlook
  2. Put Outlook to Work
  3. Put It All Together

Additional Course Materials*

  • Computers: A Buyer's and User's Guide
  • Ergonomics: Creating a Healthy Home and Work Environment
  • Professional Development: Creating a Professional Image
  • Professional Development: Managing Stress, Time and Money
  • Professional Development: Career Advancement
  • CD Case
  • Career Starter Guide
  • Resume Maker Software ' graduation gift**


*Additional course materials are delivered to you throughout the program.

**Denotes a graduation gift that student will receive upon completion of the program and paid-in-full tuition.

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