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Home-Based Careers

With the demands of modern life, home-based careers are a necessary choice for many working people. With a home-based career training program from U.S. Career Institute, you’ll have the opportunity to learn a profession from home and prepare yourself for a home-based career. Of course, you may also apply the skills you learn to a career within in the workplace.

Home-Based Career Certificate Programs:

Accounting Services Earn up to $44,000 per year*
Learn the importance of accounting services in today’s businesses. Be prepared for an entry-level position in accounting, payroll, or tax preparation.

Bookkeeping Earn up to $40,000 per year*
Skilled bookkeepers are needed in every business. Learn how to effectively manage an individual’s finances or a small company’s books and records. Bookkeepers have the opportunity to work from home or in exciting fields like entertainment, travel, and government.

Child Day Care SpecialistEarn up to $24,000 per year*
Learn about child development and how to run a day care facility. With a Child Day Care Specialist certificate you will be able to pursue a career as an in-home day care provider or work in a childcare center.

Home InspectionEarn up to $55,000 per year*
There are millions of home sales every year. Each one requires a certified home inspection. You can become part of this in-demand profession and make hundreds of dollars from each inspection you perform.

Massage TherapyEarn up to $50,000 per year*
Train in this alternative health treatment and help others feel better. Choose what work environment you want to use your new skills in: full-time, part-time, in an office, or from home.

Medical Billing SpecialistEarn up to $40,000 per year*
U.S. Career Institute’s Medical Billing Specialist program trains students in the preparation of medical claims. Learn how to ensure that medical providers receive accurate compensation for their services, how to bill effectively, and how insurance companies interact with medical service providers.

Medical Coding SpecialistEarn up to $44,000 per year*
Enroll in the Medical Coding Specialist program and gain knowledge in coding procedures in accordance with insurance regulations and recommendations. Learn how to properly code medical reports for physicians and other healthcare providers. You can work in a medical office, or from home as your experience and skills increase.

Medical Coding & Billing Specialist Earn up to $44,000 per year*
This combination of our popular Medical Coding and Medical Billing Specialist programs will prepare you for a career in a professional medical office as a Medical Coding and Billing Specialist. Or you can work from home, once you gain experience. You will learn how to properly code medical reports and how to ensure that medical providers receive accurate compensation for their services. You learn everything you need to know to work within medical insurance billing and coding guidelines.

Medical TranscriptionEarn up to $40,000 per year*
The demand for healthcare services increases every year. Train to become a medical transcriptionist to take advantage of that growth. Learn how to transcribe medical reports dictated by doctors, medical terminology, and proper proofreading and editing. This flexible career will provide you with the opportunity to work from home and set your hours.

Wedding & Event PlannerEarn up to $50,000 per year*
As a Wedding and Event Planner you will advise clients on all aspects of a wedding or an event; plan weddings and events from start to finish; learn engagement and ceremony etiquette; and develop planning skills for fundraisers, conventions, and conferences. You will be prepared for a career in the multi-billion dollar wedding and events industry.

*With experience, based on figures the U.S. Dept. of Labor’s BLS website.

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