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Halloween Savings Offer

Enrich your life and reach your career goals with our accredited certificate and degree programs. Don’t be afraid to Dream Learn Succeed.  At U.S. Career Institute, your success is our mission. We deliver quality distance education at our affordable online career training school, and teach you the skills you need in your new career. With U.S. Career Institute, you’ll receive:

  • Our Success Promise®—This program for certificate courses secures your education
  • Quality education—Our Education Quality Summary shows you how we ensure the quality of your education
  • Career skills you can market
  • Career support to navigate the job-market
  • Student-focused service

We are different than other schools! U.S. Career Institute offers valuable career education and typically costs less than community colleges and traditional universities.

Course materials are relevant and career-focused, developed by industry experts. So you enjoy learning career skills quickly and more easily than you thought possible. Certificate programs range from healthcare to business careers so you can choose the right career path for your life.

Self-paced courses allow you to learn at home according to your schedule. We even offer online classes. Plus, you have the support of a full faculty, from instructors to student service representatives. Dream –  Learn –  Succeed. We’re here to help you succeed in your education and your career.

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