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Become a Medical Coding and Billing Specialist

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How To Become a Medical Coding and Billing Specialist

Step 1:
Earn Your HS Diploma or Equivalent

Step 2:
Get Formal Training through an Accredited Institution
While formal training is not required, it can be helpful in seeking employment in this field. Medical Coding and Billing programs are available at the certificate and associate degree levels, with online and on-campus options available. Courses typically cover topics like medical terminology, body systems and anatomy, electronic health records as well as learning how to use the CPT Manual, ICD-10 and HCPCS Manuals, CMS-1500 Claim Form and the UB-04 Claim Form.

Step 3:
Obtain Certification
Although not required many employers prefer applicants with certification. It shows them you have the knowledge to perform well in a role as a Medical Coding and Billing Specialist and have mastered nationally recognized billing and coding standards. If you choose to wait to get certification until after you have entered the field it can be the next step to securing a better paying position in the field.

Step 4:
Start Working
Many employers will offer on-the job training, however the employee must prove mastery of nationally recognized billing and coding standards.

Medical Coding and Billing Woman in Office

Medical Coding and Billing Program Tuition and Financing

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